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IACS12JCCTC - 1.0 Ton Inverter
6-stage Filtration

Breathe pure, healthy and vitamin-rich air. Polluted air passes through 6 filters: Vitamin-enriching Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Dust Filter, Nano Filter, Anti-bacterial Filter, and Catechin Filter, to give you the safest air, free of allergens.

Titan Gold Evaporator Fins

The Titan Gold Evaporator Fins are designed for Lotus Cleaning Effect. This ensures dirt and moisture to slip off the evaporator fins, which in turn prevents breeding of bacteria and no dirt, thus translating to faster cooling.

High-speed Powerful Fan

The High-speed Fan ensures that the cool air reaches every corner of the room in a short time. So that summer heat takes a beating as soon as you enter your room.

100% Copper Piping

Copper is the best conductor of electricity and a good conductor of heat. 100% Copper Piping in this IFB air conditioner ensures high efficiency and worry-free functioning for a long period of time.

Aerodynamic 360 Degree Blower

The aerodynamic design of the blowers allow the air to flow smoothly through them resulting in longer air throw and your room cools faster no matter the temperature outside.

R410A Green Gas

R410A Green Gas is an environment friendly superior refrigerant blend developed for residential air conditioner to provide efficient cooling without causing any harm to the environment. Go green while you stay cool!

Eco Mode

Save energy in comfort. Your air conditioner moderates the set temperature by up to 2 degree celsius automatically to keep you comfortable while saving money too.

Copper Condenser

The inner grooved copper tubes result in a faster heat exchange and thus faster cooling. Moreover, a Copper Condenser helps with easy brazing and repair in case of damage.

Expert Installation + 3 Free Services

Have your air conditioner installed by our trained personnel, free of charge! Whatís more, you get 3 free services so that you donít have to worry about your air conditioner for a long time to come.
MRP : Rs. 42,990

Our Price : Rs. 39,750